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Property ownership may be the American dream, but that lengthy to-do list you keep adding to won’t get done on its own. Don’t steal time out of your already busy schedule for repairs and renovations. HR3 can provide you with superior work that exceeds your expectations and helps you preserve a beautiful and functional home or business.

No matter what do-it-yourself project has you scratching your head, we can help. With just a quick call or click of the button, you can start crossing off all those tasks that have been begging for your attention. From assembling furniture or appliances, to making long-needed repairs, to building on additions that will increase the value of your property, our expert hands can get the job done with quality you can put your trust in and

efficiency you can count on.

Why call in a professional? HR3 provides many benefits when you let us take over your DIY projects.

You can rest assured that the work is done right. Many layman attempts at repairs, renovations, or additions result in low-quality results that can even turn dangerous. If you care about the people who live or work on your property, don’t leave them at risk with haphazard DIY efforts.

  • Save money long-term. Without an expert leading the project, further repairs or replacements may be needed frequently. The cost of materials and time can add up and cost you big. Ask us for a quote on work you can trust.
  • Get things done quickly. How long have you been staring at the same to-do list? If you haven’t finished these projects yet, you probably won’t be getting around to them any time soon. Stop daydreaming of the day everything is finally done, and contact us for an estimated timeframe.
  • Spend your time on what matters to you. Do you dislike handyman projects? We love them! When you hire outside help, you can move on and spend time on the activities you’re passionate about.

No project is too big or too small for us. The next time your wife hands you a honey-do list just as you are about to head out for a round of golf, give us call. You will be back to your day on the green in no time.
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